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Buy-Low-and-Sell-High Strategy

4 Buy Low, Sell High Strategy (Resale Condo)

Enter Low and Sell High? Below are 4 Buy Low, Sell High strategy for resale condo

Choose the Best Condo Unit

4 Tips to Choose the Best Condo Unit in a New Launch Showflat

Walking into a showflat may give you the jitters because you will be overwhelmed with information. Here are 4 useful tips to help you choose the best condo unit

property cooling measures 2022

Property Cooling Measures (Sept 2022): The Dual Approach

As HDB resale prices continue to rise with more million dollar flats, the “Dual Approach” new property cooling measures were introduced on 30 Sept 2022

income & loan requirement

Everything about Income and Loan Requirements for Your 1st Condo

Many buyers face many questions regarding income and loan requirements when buying their first condo. This article will help you understand them in simple terms

buy private condo

Should You Buy Private Condo as Your First Home?

Majority of Singaporeans will buy a BTO or resale HDB as their first home. Should you buy private condo as first home? Below are 3 factors for consideration.

Couples Planning to Buy Their Second Property

3 Tips for Couples Planning to Buy Their Second Property

This article contains 3 tips for couples planning to buy their second property for investment

selling tips

HDB Selling Tips: 4 Tips to Ensure a Fast & Smooth Transaction

Before you put your HDB on the market for sale, go through these 4 selling tips for a better seller’s experience

Condo Strategy

4 Condo Strategy that may Backfire When Buying Property

Below are 4 popular condo strategy commonly used by investors. However, these strategy may backfire without property planning or guidance from professional

ABSD deadline for developer

ABSD Deadline for Developers: How can you benefit from these new condo with ABSD deadline?

When developers buy land through en bloc sales or government land sales, they are subject to a 40% ABSD. How will the ABSD Deadline for Developers benefit you?

Resale Condo

Resale Condo Checklist: Review these 4 Items Before Buying an Older Condo

For buyers looking for a resale condo, review this condo checklist before putting up your offer


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mrs tan pinevale

Dennis is an efficient & trustworthy agent. I am impressed with his service and he managed to sell it at the price we wanted within a month.

Mr Tan

Seller, Pinevale


A knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent, Dennis has been able to provide us with valuable information and insights on properties with good advice and recommendations. In addition, he has gone the extra mile to help and give us guidance on finances and documentation with the law firm.


Buyer, Verandah Residence

tangerine grove (mr tan & Adeline)

Dennis and Team are very efficient & hardworking. We had 2 other agents before them with no results but they managed to help us sell our unit within 1 month. We will refer them to our friends & family.


Seller, Tangerine Grove

haoting queens peak

"Dennis came with strong recommendations from a dear friend. He helped me with the purchase of my first property. He was very patient and never once tried to hard sell me to buy a property. Dennis is a trustworthy and knowledgeable professional who I highly recommend with confidence to everyone I know!"




Dennis has an in-depth understanding of the property market & helped me find a hidden gem suitable for my financial situation. His analytical approach towards property investing is definitely different from all other agents I have met. He is a valuable advisor.

Mr Chow

Buyer, Queenspeak

tarun rivervale crest

"Dennis was very helpful and has guided us throughout on the process. He managed to get good number of clients for viewing of our unit. He is very responsive and always readily available when needed. He has excellent negotiation skills as well when required for the deal"